About Us

Our Company is...

... regarded as industry leaders in optical coatings, focused solely on delivering great user experiences the world over.

Vortex Optical Coatings is a dynamic growing business founded in 2008 by a team vastly experienced in the optics and photonics manufacturing industry. Our aim is to be there when you need us.

We design and manufacture to suit your needs, this may be for supply of key optical prototypes, coating a batch of urgently needed optics or long term OEM supply contracts.

Our aim is not merely to satisfy but to delight our customers. High standards of ethics and trust are at the core of our business.

Our Company Mission

To not only satisfy our customers' every requirement but to exceed their expectations, therby building lasting business relashionships.

Success Stories

We have many customers who have been delighted with our work and who are willing to share their thoughts. Ask to see a testimonial.

Our Approach

Our work ethic is based on communication and delivery. We will work closely with our customers to produce perfect products on time and within budget.