Coating Only Service


Cick here to download Datasheets of Vortex standard processes.

Vortex are able to coat customer supplied optics for Infra Red or Visible applications.

  • Wide range of 'standard' processes developed, tested and set up on plant, see datasheets for further details

  • We cover a range from 200nm to 20 ┬Ám

  • Same day quotation, e mail enquiries direct to

  • 'Tweaks' to a standard processes are possible, for example it may be shifted to suit your band of operation

  • We use evaporation and sputtering technology for deposition of these coatings.

  • A quick turnaround- usually around 3-5 days for visible, less than 1-2 weeks for infra-red coatings

  • If required unique designs for your needs are quickly evaluated and presented for your perusal before any coating is done

  • Wide experience with Temperature sensitive, hygroscopic , stain prone and any unusual materials