Production & OEM Filter supply

We are specialists in supplying production volumes of many different types of filters. Quality, price, consistency and on-time delivery are ensured for the duration of a contract and it is not unusual for this to be spread over a number of years.

Our services include:

  • Standard types of filter made on site, e.g. band pass, narrow band pass, long wave pass and short wave pass etc.

  • All measurements are certified, our spectrophotometers are annually calibrated to national standard

  • Full traceability and history on batches, over years of supply, kept and backed up off-site for future reference if required

  • Excellent quality, environmental testing performed routinely on all batches

  • Reverse engineering for obsolete items possible

  • Supplier agreements discussed with arrangements for scheduling, stock holding, just in time supply, call forward etc.

  • We use modern state of the art deposition equipment and we believe in continual investment to keep it that way!

  • Tried, tested and trusted network of suppliers whom we frequently visit and assess

  • We have a policy of not 'selling on' or 'buying in' or re-branding, ALL filters are made on site in Hinckley in the UK

  • Actively encourage visits to our facility in Hinckley

  • Confidentiality assured, standard NDA's signed if required

Contact Ian Reilly to discuss your needs further today, +44 (0) 1455 613029 or email