Rapid Prototype Optical Filters

Our 'Fast Prototype' shop has an excellent reputation. Your key input, allied to our design and manufacturing, mean we can make 'problem solving' optical filters in as little as 5 days.

Vortex can provide:

  • Free consultancy - shared open discussion to start off a solution
    We are instantly open in discussions and willing to suggest ideas and solutions. We also run a business with high ethics and standards so we are respectful of your need for confidentiality. Standard NDA's are always signed if required for added security

  • Extensive materials knowledge
    Selecting the right substrate material is crucial, particular consideration being given to detector performance, illumination source, environmental requirements, out of band blocking performance etc.

  • Optical coating design expertise
    We bring the benefit of many years of experience in this field, a good design performs as required but is also manufacturable and stable in the field

  • UV,visible and IR capability
    We work from 200nm to 15 microns and have measurement capability to national standards to suit

  • High speed manufacture on-site in Hinckley UK. (<2 weeks possible!)
    Time is always short, we are committed to 'getting on with it' once a plan is agreed

  • Realistic pricing to suit a budget
    Our business is structured to enable sensible and realistic pricing

  • Reverse engineering on obsolete filters
    Cannot get it anymore or 'product discontinued'? We will almost certainly be able to help by measuring designing and manufacturing an alternative

  • Production quantities follow on when needed
    A successful prototype is a milestone on the road to successful production. We have the capacity/capability to meet all the key challenges of price, volume and just-in-time supply.

Contact Ian Reilly to discuss your needs further today, +44 (0) 1455 613029 or email ian@vortexopticalcoatings.co.uk